Workman Song

Western Massachusetts singer-songwriter Sean McMahon gave birth to his art rock alter ego Workman Song during a 5-year sojourn in Brooklyn, NY. As a sideman in Streets Of Laredo he toured with the likes of The Kaiser Chiefs, Albert Hammond Jr., and Cults. Now the seasoned performer has returned to his roots in Northampton, MA. … More Workman Song


“Bubbling from the blistered backs of the broth-braised Gremlin invasion, the barbecue army of slow-smoked savory saboteurs is here to fill your filthy feed-holes with flavor!!!! Swift chancellors to the man, we’re cookin’ it up like Chef John Jacob in ill-fitting off-brand slacks!!!!!! So maybe YOU’RE the one who’s got mustard on his shirt, bitch, … More Crowrider

Donut Kings

Donut Kings formed out of the post punk/alternative scene in the mid 1980’s. Initially catering to the the novelty and the odd lyric bent, Donut Kings have created music of all types over the years from surf, hard rock, funk, social commentary and even an entire album of Halloween songs. In 2012 core members Rikk … More Donut Kings

Disguise the Curse

Disguise the Curse is an Original Metal band from Springfield. Their music style ranges from blistering speeds to slow bluesy grooves. Performing anthems inspired by Frankenstein, The Kraken, and much more, you’ll soon find yourself singing along.  View more on Facebook!

Black Absence

We are five musicians with the common goal of making awesome music, fostering the return of true heavy metal, and loving every second of it. Our music combines both old and new: A mix of 80’s metal and modern heavy metal, with other musical influences. We play what we want and enjoy it. Music is … More Black Absence