Violet Maeve

Beginnings as Taking Back Eden:

As Chris Horn (percussion, drum set) likes to tell it, she was watching a show at Luthier’s Coop in Easthampton MA in 2014, when she nearly jumped out of her seat, over the table, and on to the stage to get to Carolyn Walker (vocals, guitar, violin) when Carolyn was performing with the Woman Songwriter Collective.  “Will you be in our band?!” Chris asked.  Carolyn, not having met Chris before, handed her a business card, and said “sure.”  Carolyn figured she could “always say no later.”    Along with Sylvie Abate (guitar) and Heather Sommerlad (violin), the group would become Taking Back Eden, and came out with their first EP, I Was Always Myself in 2014.  Jen Spingla (vocals, bass, guitar) joined in 2015, and Eden recorded a second EP, Beautiful Disaster.

Becoming Violet Maeve:

When Sylvie Abate left the band, she took the name Taking Back Eden with her.  The remaining band members rallied to form a new band, Violet Maeve. Maeve is an acoustic rock band located in western MA’s Pioneer Valley. Current members include Carolyn Walker (vocals, guitar, violin), Jen Spingla (vocals, guitar, bass), Christine Horn (drum set and percussion), and occasionally Heather Sommerlad (violin) and Jason Duda on bass. Maeve is working on a new album, anticipated for 2017.

Read more on the band’s website.


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